eca — embodied climate agency

Embodied climate agency - eca is a hybrid platform that aims to decentralize and decanonize climate-related knowledge to harvest inclusive ecological co-responsibilities.

eca Teaser

Interview to Felipe Medina and Paula García around Barichara, Colombia.

Hydroelectrics and the effects of forced displacement on the soil.

Conversation with Esther Aragón

Agua Clara, Buenaventura,
Valle del Cauca, Colombia

The eruption of Cubre Vieja volcanoe and its latent in/accesibility.

Conversation with Toribio Miguel Expositó

La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain

Drought and loss of water stewardship as emotional anesthesia.

Barichara, Santander, Colombia

Conversation with Paula Ramirez y Felipe Medina

The devastating consequences of a centralized mentality or the ecocide of the Aral Sea.

Conversation with Abdulmazhitova Aisuluu and Abdulmazhitova Aziz

Almatý, Kazakhstan

Deforestation in the tropical rain forest as the imposition of a foreign value system.

Conversation with Juliana Andrea Albarracin Silva, Yuly Esteiman Dario, José Eduardo Sánchez Díaz

Guaviare, Colombia

Mangrove and swamp neglect, drought and flooding.

Khristen Quiambao and Erwin Torio

Papanga, The Philippines

A critical overview of the field of ecopsychology

Conversation with Mara-Michelle Wagner.

WWith feet on soil, flying. A conversation around Ultrasanity.

Conversation with Elena Agudio


we are eca

embodied climate agency - eca is an intersectional, interdisciplinary and interspecies platform dedicated to decentralizing and decanonizing climate-related knowledge in order to harvest inclusive ecological corresponsabilities.

Through first-person accounts and ecological literacy workshops that bring together experiences of climate witnesses*, eca aims to expand embodied and situated knowledge around climate phenomena and contribute to diversifying climate knowledge as well as knowledge standards. This is how eca generates a mediation and translation of the languages of ecological phenomena, facilitating a situated and expanded understanding of these phenomena and their effects on everyday life in order to foster ecocentric listening and, above all, inclusive ecological co-responsibilities.

eca is an ecosystem and a network that seeks to imagine unconventional forms of multi-species repair and transboundary cooperations that go beyond the rhetoric of salvation and the hierarchies that tend to privilege certain lives over others. eca sustains that a plurality of situated responses enables us to have a variety of climatic approaches that adapt to each ecological, cultural, political, economical situation and potentially lead to more inclusive and equitable ecological policies and practices.

eca is a platform conceived by artist Daniela Medina Poch, and activated by contributions from Abdulmazhitova Aisuluu, Abdulmazhitova Aziz, Elena Agudio, Esther Aragón, Esteiman Dario, José Eduardo Sánchez Díaz, Toribio Miguel Expositó, Paula García, Felipe Medina, Khristen Quiambao, Juliana Andrea Albarracin Silva, Erwin Torio, Ching Y U, and Mara-Michelle Wagner.

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